March Comes in Like a Lion (aka Sangatsu no Lion) is a slice of life manga based around the protagonist Rei Kiriyama , who is a professional shogi player at the age of 17. It follows him through his professional life and him growing as a person with the help of the people around him.

The manga is written and drawn by Chica Umino and began its serialization in Young Animal in 2007. The manga has commentary by professional shogi player Manabu Senzaki on shogi rules and culture.

Volumes in Tankōbon

Volume 1 ~ February 22, 2008
Chapter 1: Kiriyama Rei Chapter 6: Beyond the Night Sky
Chapter 2: The Town Along the River Chapter 7: Hina
Chapter 3: Akari Chapter 8: A Comparison
Chapter 4: Across the Bridge Chapter 9: A Contract
Chapter 5: Harunobu Chapter 10: Over the Cuckoo's Nest
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