No matter how you looked at her, she was like a vehement, angry tempest... in shogi... in temperament... and in beauty.

—Kyouko Kouda

Kyouko Kouda (幸田 香子 Kōda Kyōko) is Kouda's daughter. She is four years older than Rei. Beautiful and attractive, Kyōko seems to hold a grudge against Akari as she has the habit of exerting a negative influence on her by discouraging her on purpose.


She is blonde, has clear blue eyes and her clothes are usually colored in white or light tones, but she is not a positive character at all.


Kyouko sadistic

Kyouko's true personality

Kyouko has a lot of pride in herself that causes her to react this way. She verbalizes this to Rei when she attempts to leave the Kouda house; by that point, she is sick of being treated delicately and people feeling sorry for her. Though they are in a mutually destructive relationship, it's shown that Rei and Kyouko deeply care for each other in a markedly twisted way and cannot avoid the others' company in spite of having a mountain of regret and resentment between them. Rei cannot close the door on her and Kyouko cannot stop looking for him. Considering how estranged Kyouko is from her own family, Rei is basically the closest thing she has to a familial bond. It's nothing close to good, though; she mostly looks for him to bully him like she would bully a little brother. After a chance encounter with the during one of her meetings with Rei, she taunts him about what she assumes is a relationship of dependency from Rei toward the family, insinuating that he's bound to ruin another household like what happened with the Kouda's. She's saying this, mind you, when moments before, she was complaining about how her father halted her credit card for being secretive; Kyouko is still financially supported by her father while Rei struggles to be independent. The basis for her behavior. She hungrily craves for the love she perceives she didn't get from her father, but has a remarkably caustic approach to compensate for the lack of it. She realizes way too late that she and Rei could have relied on each other if she had wanted it.



Kyouko resents Rei for being the best in shogi (and by extension, gaining the attention of their father), and that resentment is carried with her attempts to lead him into failure, even when she's being fairly cordial to him otherwise.


  • She's been called "as beautiful as a demon", even as a child.
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