Usually, she would become spirited with a clap, depressed with a sigh, or outraged with a snap. However you look at it, she's very lively. I think that's her unique personality trait.

—Kiriyama Rei, about Hinata Kawamoto

Hinata Kawamoto (川本 ひなた Kawamoto Hinata), often called Hina, is the middle child of the Kawamoto sibling and a middle school student whose positive attitude inspires Rei Kiriyama to try to overcome his depression.


Hina's casual style of dress mainly consists of dresses she wears over her jeans.


When Hina friend is being ruthlessly bullied in class, everyone else diverts their gaze to avoid suffering the same fate, but Hina remains steadfast by her side until the day she finally moves to escape the trauma. When she becomes the next victim, she remains steadfast and strong, refusing to give in to their constant harassment. At the very start of the arc in chapter 52, she sobbingly declares that she'll never regret her actions because she knows she wasn't wrong. Towards Takahashi, a boy she's known since elementary school. She can barely manage small talk with him, often unable to speak properly when he shows up. Whenever she's at one of his baseball games she acts a pure fangirl. She undoubtedly felt an immediate repulsion towards Kyouko after meeting her for the first time.



Hina's mother and grandmother both passed away at an early age, leaving Akari Kawamoto (Hina's older sister) to take care of her and Momo Kawamoto (Hina's younger sister). Due to her young age at the time, she doesn't seem to be too heavily affected by this, and she grew up as a normal girl until Rei Kiriyama came into her life during her middle school years.


  • Hinata's surname Kawamoto means "river, stream" (川) (kawa) and "base, root, origin" (本) (moto).

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