Even though this person in front of me was sweating bullets and was in a dire position, he still persisted on sitting there. All because he wanted to win...

—Harunobu Nikaidou

Harunobu Nikaidou (二海堂 晴信 Nikaidō Harunobu) is Rei's friend and main rival in shōgi.


Nikaidou has a short, chubby build and pale, often flushed skin. He has straight brown hair and black eyes. He's seen wearing a polo shirt and slacks, or a button-down shirt with a sweater vest. When it's cold, he wears a coat over his vest. At more formal events, he wears a suit with a tie or bow-tie.


Despite the plagued his childhood, Nikaidou has an earnest personality, along with a cheerful outlook towards life. He's described as persistent and stubborn when it comes to his rivalry in shōgi with Rei. He gets emotional over his losses, but does his best to keep a strong front while in public. He doesn't give up and even with his illness,he lets Shogi Become his life.


Nikaido comes from a wealthy family, but he was born with an incurable disease. He met Rei a long time ago at a children's shōgi tournament. He sees Rei as his best friend and rival in Shōgi.



"Nikaidou" translates to "a large river".

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